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John Berryman

Associate Lecturer in International Relations


John was educated at the University of Birmingham and the London School of Economics and Political Science and has taught diplomatic history and international relations at several universities, including the LSE, the University of Reading, the Open University, and SOAS.


  • John's current teaching at Birkbeck comprises The Evolution of the International System and he has also taught courses at Birkbeck on Russia: Re-Emerging Great Power and China as a Great Power.


  • John's research focuses on Russian foreign and security policy and he has held a British Council Award for research in Russia. He also has a research interest in seapower and has been awarded the Julian Corbett Prize in Modern Naval History by the Institute of Historical Research, University of London.
  • He is a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

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John Berryman

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