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Visit from Giuseppe Cocco

Department to host eminent political theorist, activist and public intellectual in 2017

Professor Giuseppe Cocco will be visiting our Department in 2017. He will be with us in April/May, in June/July, and from October onwards, until the end of 2017.

Giuseppe Cocco is a political theorist, Professor of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He obtained his Doctorate in Social History at Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) (1993). He has published extensively on political violence, urban violence, the transformations of capitalism, the transformations of labour, urban territories and urban planning, citizenship, and social mobilization. He is part of the Multitudes collective in France and he is an editor of the social and political theory journal Lugar Comum in Brazil. He is also one of the founders Universidade Nômade Brasil, a platform for analysis of the contemporary political context by political theorists, social theorists and philosophers.

Giuseppe Cocco has a longstanding collaboration with Antonio Negri. One of their co-authored books is GlobAL (Éditions Amsterdam, 2007) – with its Portuguese version Glob(AL): Biopoder e lutas em uma América Latina globalizada (Record, 2005). Two of his recent books are: Mundobraz: o devir-Brasil do mundo e o devir-mundo do Brasil (Record, 2009); and KorpoBraz:Por uma política dos corpos (Mauad X, 2014).

Giuseppe Cocco is a key figure of Rio de Janeiro activism and a public intellectual, having contributed in numerous and significant ways to the public debate in Brazil in the past two decades.

Some of Giuseppe Cocco's publications in Multitudes:

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