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"There's just so much support"

A Birkbeck subsidy for international students helped Oghenemine Djebah kick off his dream of studying an MA in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice in London.

A photo of Oghenemine Djebah
Oghenemine Djebah

I was in active legal practice in Nigeria
But I had a desire to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the workings of the law. Birkbeck was such an attractive option to me because it allowed me to continue working in the day.

During a visit to London, I fell for the culture and diversity of the city
So, when I made the decision to study again, the capital was a logical choice. But because of the financial challenges caused by COVID-19 it was quite a challenge getting the initial deposit in time.

I couldn’t believe my luck!
Birkbeck’s support for international students is incredible. They recognised the issues I had with funding and made the concession of reducing the initial deposit by 90% for all international students, which gave me the opportunity to meet the requirements and enrol for the 2020 session.

There was so much support available for international students
I was able to attend online orientation, public lectures as well as the international student’s virtual event at the beginning of the academic year.

Careers Advice was available to me every step of the way
I made good use of the online services available to students. I found the Birkbeck Careers platform so very useful in helping students not only to see available jobs and apply but also to help teach them how to prepare for interviews and tailor their CVs and cover letters to meet professional standards.