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The well-being of young LGBTQ* people during COVID-19 and lockdown

Birkbeck is looking for participants in a major new survey on the well-being of LGBTQ* 18-35 year olds during the pandemic.

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At Birkbeck we have launched a major programme of research to assess the psychological health of LGBTQ* young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown and to understand the pathways underlying mental health vulnerability and resilience. The project aims to develop understanding of UK LGBTQ* young adults well-being experiences and additionally will contribute to an international LGBTQ* with European colleagues in Italy, Portugal and Sweden and others in Central and South America (Brazil, Chile and Mexico) all launching parallel surveys.
The UK project is directed by Dr Fiona Tasker (a Reader in the Department of Psychological Sciences) who has been involved in research with LGBTQ* communities since she arrived at Birkbeck in 1995.

“Our exciting new project aims to investigate the experiences of LGBTQ* people age 18-35 years during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. The increased levels of health anxiety and the isolation brought about by social distancing measures has led to concern about young people who may be vulnerable to mental health problems. At the same time we know that many LGBTQ* people are very resilient and that community groups have been quick to reach out with online resources.  We want to get a picture of what LGBTQ* people age 18-35 living in the UK are experiencing in their lives and we invite anyone who is living in the UK at the moment to take part. Our survey aims to look at psychological health among young LGBTQ* people starting out in adult life under coronavirus changed circumstances, their background factors and their social support.”

Further Information

Find out more about the research and take the survey.

We will feedback our results and, for those who are interested, we plan to add further follow-up survey and interview waves as the pandemic and lock-down measures change over time.

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