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Reproducibility for Everyone (R4E)

17th February 2021, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Reproducibility for Everyone (R4E) is a global, community-led reproducibility education initiative.

R4E runs practical and accessible workshops to introduce the concept of reproducibility to researchers. They demonstrate reproducible tools and methods that can improve research by making it more efficient, transparent, and rigorous. Since 2018, R4E volunteer instructors have reached over 2000 researchers around the world through over 30 workshops.

This workshop will introduce reproducible workflows and a range of tools along the themes of organization, documentation, analysis, and dissemination. After a brief introduction to the topic of reproducibility, the workshop will provide specific tips and tools useful in improving daily research workflows.

The content will include modules such as data management, electronic lab notebooks, reproducible bioinformatics tools and methods, protocol and reagent sharing, data visualization, and version control. The methods and tools introduced help researchers share work with their future self, their immediate colleagues, and the wider scientific community.

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