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Professor Ravindra Gupta will give the 2024 Bernal Lecture: SARS CoV-2 : keeping up with an unprecedented pathogen

Professor Gupta’s research in drug resistance is recognised globally and his lecture will focus on how the Sars CoV-2 virus is constantly evolving and how we can stay ahead of variants of concern.

Image of transmission electron micrograph of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles (colorized pink and gold).
Transmission electron micrograph of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles (colorized pink and gold), isolated from a patient sample. (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, P8be5vQDaw4-Unsplash)

The Bernal lecture is an annual lecture in memory of Professor JD Bernal and takes place on 9 May (4-5pm). Established in 1968, this annual lecture commemorates JD Bernal, who was Professor of Physics at Birkbeck from 1938 and then Chair of Crystallography in 1963. In keeping with Bernal's interests in structural biology, X-ray crystallography and, particularly, the social consequences of science, this year we're pleased to welcome Professor Ravindra Gupta, Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the Cambridge Institute for Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Diseases, University of Cambridge.

The SARS Cov-2 virus continues to surprise us with its ability to adapt and evolve, driven by its persistence in immune compromised individuals. In this talk Professor Gupta will explore how variants of concern arise and how we can stay ahead to prevent ongoing morbidity and mortality.

Professor Gupta's research has led to breakthroughs in understanding HIV drug resistance and the impact of drug resistance globally, while his group has worked on developing tests for rapid diagnosis of COVID19 and testing novel materials for PPE. His outstanding work in the field of infectious diseases saw him recognised as one of TIME's 100 most influential people of 2020.

Further Information

The Bernal Lecture is free to attend on 9 May 2024 (4-5pm) but booking is essential. A drinks reception will follow the lecture.

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