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New data analyst internship opportunity for international students

Credit Data Research, a fintech company based in London, is offering a 6-month internship starting at the end of October 2023.

Left to right: Pietro Coppari, Ilaria Peri, Alessio Balduini

Credit Data Research, a fintech company in central London that specialises in open banking and real-time credit scoring, is offering the opportunity of a 6-month internship to one international student enrolled on the MSc in Quantitative Finance with Data Science course. 

The internship will start at the end of October 2023 and the intern's role will be that of a Credit Data Analyst, which entails supporting credit data scientists at Credit Data Research with various tasks. Some of the key responsibilities will include overseeing credit reports, enhancing credit scoring quantitative models, and maintaining relationships with clients. 

Alessio Balduini, CEO of Credit Data Research, commented: “Credit Data Research has always prioritized building strong relationships with universities. Students will have the opportunity to work in an innovative and challenging fintech environment, where every idea is carefully considered, and teamwork is highly valued. We look forward to developing a meaningful partnership with Birkbeck’s students and innovating within the open banking space.” 

Ilaria Peri, Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, said: “Credit Data Research offers international students at Birkbeck a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience while studying in the UK. With restrictions on their student visas, finding internships in the job market can be tough, but this program allows them to work part-time, so they can work during the day on real-world projects and apply what they learn in the classroom in the evening. It is also a chance to enter the competitive UK job market, which can be a challenge for international students.” 

The internship requires a commitment of 20 hours per week, which aligns with the maximum hours allowed for students on a visa.  

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