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New art exhibition opens, exploring the intersection of art, music, composition and sound design

A woman in an art gallery with her back to the camera, looking at a wall of grey, black and white images.

Running from now until 7 July 2023, Birkbeck's Peltz Gallery presents From Signal to Decay: Volume 3. The free public exhibition is an ongoing and iterative research project into artist, musician, composer, sound designer and recordist Trevor Mathison's rich and varied body of work.

Curated by Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom and Oliver Fuke, the exhibition showcases a series of fifteen graphite drawings, accompanied by a sound piece. For each of the drawings, Mathison began by scraping a graphite cube across the paper and spreading out its particles, in order to pick up the variations in the paper. This technique parallels Mathison's approach to sound and music, where he utilizes granular synthesizers to extract multifaceted textures from a single sound element.

With the exhibition drawing upon the intersection between different art forms, Mathison commented that each drawing could be said to be the "equivalent to a single tone, shimmering like a visual wall of sound. A still, frozen note held in suspension."

Supported by Birkbeck's Peltz Gallery, the Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network, Vasari Centre, and Birkbeck Institute of the Moving Image, From Signal to Decay: Volume 3 is a focused exhibition that builds on Mathison's first solo exhibition in the UK, From Signal to Decay: Volume 1, staged at Goldsmiths CCA, and Volume 2, his first solo album.

The exhibition is open to the public at Peltz Gallery, located at Gordon Square, Bloomsbury and tickets can be booked for free using the links and information below.

From Signal to Decay: Volume 3

27 April - 7 July 2023
Monday to Friday, 10am-8pm
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