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"My degree course changed the way I view and understand the world"

Grace Mosimi, MA Culture, Diaspora, Ethnicity graduate, came to Birkbeck straight after completing her undergraduate degree. Here, she explains what skills she has developed and shares her ambitions for the future.

Grace Mosimi at her Graduation ceremony in May 2022

After my first lecture I nearly cried 
My lecturer was the first black person to teach me and that meant a lot.  

I chose Birkbeck for its location and the course 
After completing my undergraduate degree in BA Geography, I knew I wanted to carry on studying. I moved back to my parents’ home in London so I could save money, have the emotional support of my parents, and be close to my friends.  

The course has changed my entire life 
The degree, MA Culture, Diaspora, Ethnicity, connected my background, my upbringing, and the way I experience life in this country. It has shaped my thinking, my hobbies, and the career I’ll pursue. 

I work with marginalised students and my course links directly to that 
Working in fundraising in West London Zone, a charity that provides children and young people with emotional, academic and social support at school, is really rewarding. I’m definitely using skills I gained from my degree and when I write to donors, I draw upon the knowledge I gained and the research I did for my dissertation on diversity. 

I made lots of friends on the course 
I found it so inspiring to have peers on the course who’ve been in the industry; they helped me so much. There was also a group of young people, so it was the perfect balance. We had group chats throughout the course, and met regularly to have a chat or share course notes and useful readings. It felt like such a community. We plan to meet for dinner soon which I’m looking forward to. 

I would 100% recommend Birkbeck to anyone 
My cousin is now studying at Birkbeck because of how much I liked it! The flexibility and support that Birkbeck offers is so great. You’re really encouraged to study in the way that best suits you, and all the academics are really understanding and flexible. 

In the future, I’d love to do a PhD 
I’m now taking the time to narrow my focus and interests. I just love to study and would be keen to pursue a PhD in a similar field to my Master’s degree. 

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