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"I encourage anyone who may doubt themselves to apply"

Latanya Gordon proves there are many routes into education after moving to the UK from the Caribbean in her late teens and going on to win a coveted Law prize at Birkbeck.

a photo of Latanya Gordon
Latanya Gordon

I moved from Jamaica to the UK when I was 18

All my life experiences, beyond just a set of academic grades, were considered when I applied for my course. It’s the kind of place that considers the whole person.

Everyone deserves the chance to tell their story
Within the context of the law, all cases must be considered. It’s one of the things that attracted me to law. I continue to find it fascinating, especially when people are genuinely in need of help.

I’ve tapped into great opportunities throughout my studies
There are so many things I do in my spare time – working with two charities, writing articles for the Law Society and working with the Refugee Law Clinic alongside a supervising Barrister. Last year, I was one of only eight recipients of the prestigious Neuberger Prize, set up by the Lincoln’s Inn in 2015 to recognise exceptional students about to start the final year of their undergraduate law degrees.

An inclusive, supportive network has been a major help
I feel a large part of my take-away when I complete my studies will be the vast support network on offer. The breadth of knowledge and experiences within the School of Law, and throughout the College, is one of its greatest assets.

Birkbeck promotes excellence
I’ve found my Law tutors to be really supportive with helping me to achieve my goals and ambitions. When I won the prize they were all really delighted by my success and wanted to hear all about my experiences at Lincoln’s Inn.

Our students bring diverse academic backgrounds.