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Haringey students explore consumerism, Brexit and protest in Globalisation photography exhibition

The exhibition features the work of year 12 photography A-level students from North London, and will be displayed at Birkbeck’s Peltz Gallery

Work from the 'consumerism, Brexit and protest in Globalisation' photography exhibition hosted by Birkbeck’s Peltz Gallery

The Peltz Gallery at Birkbeck, University of London has joined forces with year 12 A-Level photography students from Fortismere School, Haringey in a new exhibition called Globalisation, which will run from 16 – 26 July 2019 at the Peltz Gallery, 43 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PD. 

In today’s world, planes are getting larger, phones are getting smaller, and deliveries are getting faster. The only word that can summarise these gargantuan shifts in our society is 'globalisation'; the process in which the world becomes more interconnected through advances in technology. However, globalisation can also be responsible for deepening social and economic inequalities.   

12 young photography students from the North London school took part in workshops to develop their understanding of this concept, and will display their unique, personal perception of both the integration of and alienation among people worldwide at the exhibition. 

Annie Coombes, Director of the Peltz Gallery and Professor of Material and Visual Culture in the Department of History of Art at Birkbeck, said: “I have been impressed by the way the Fortismere students tackled some really difficult subjects. They have been prepared to engage critically with the whole notion of globalisation and its effects on our lives in London and internationally. We hope that through the exhibition our audiences will come away with a more complicated understanding of what it means to live in a globalised world.

“The photography on display at this exhibition explores hugely varied themes of globalisation, ranging from urbanisation, climate change, the fashion industry, the Brexit landscape, as well as consumerism, the effects of technology and social media, protest rallies, and the culturally diverse populations of our city of London.

“The Fortismere students have put together a really thoughtful exhibition about the challenges and opportunities of globalisation, and showed a great deal of maturity in their photography and curation. It should give us all hope that the next generation won’t repeat our mistakes.”

Eliot Tanner, one of the Year 12 students exhibiting at the gallery said, “Being offered the opportunity to present at the Peltz has pushed me to create something more personal and respond to a topic which is both current and extremely important. Each of us have a unique vision on what globalisation means to us that will inform the public and hopefully encourage others to make the world a better place in the future.”

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