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Birkbeck launches new resources for people with breast cancer

The resources will share details of Birkbeck's research, provide opportunities for women with breast cancer to share knowledge or get involved in projects, and offer practical support.

Woman at dusk as the Centre for Building Resilience in Breast Cancer (BRiC) launches new resources.

The Centre for Building Resilience in Breast Cancer (BRiC) has launched a new website with different resources to provide support and build community among people living with or survivors of breast cancer, as well as sharing Birkbeck’s latest research findings.

Among the resources available, there will be weekly evening discussions and knowledge exchange sessions where women can discuss the challenges they face living with breast cancer, organised meet-ups, and opportunities to get involved in new research and projects.

One recent research project was led by Professor Naz Derakshan, Director of BRiC, who specialises in the cognitive neuroscience of anxiety and depression, which showed how simple, at-home cognitive exercises can improve mental health among breast cancer patients.

Advances in medical treatment have enabled a significant proportion of women diagnosed with breast cancer to live longer lives, but the psychological cost of the traumatic diagnosis and the physical and psychological impact of harsh treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy looms high for many years post-diagnosis.

A significant proportion of women continue to suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress, cognitive dysfunction, anxiety and depression for years post active treatment. They may also experience undermined self-esteem and self-confidence levels.

Professor Derakshan said: “We hope the resources we’ve made available, and which we’re continuing to develop, will help more women to rebuild their lives after breast cancer, to make links with others who are going through the same thing and to learn new strategies to build resilience in their everyday life.” 

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