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Birkbeck announces a philanthropic gift from The Jongen Charitable Trust

The gift will provide vital support and create essential pathways to study for non-traditional students.

Birkbeck is pleased to announce a significant gift from The Jongen Charitable Trust to support students at Birkbeck. 

For Birkbeck students, flexible and immediate funding can be a lifeline. The Trust recognises that Birkbeck students are unique in their commitment to their studies but often face challenges beyond their control and as such, they have provided flexible funding for student support. This generosity will enable the College to meet the most pressing needs of our students over the next three years. 

Financial assistance can offer vital support at times when job loss or illness threaten to throw them off course or provide additional provisions when caring needs arise or unexpected travel costs occur. Now more than ever, as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic crystallises, we have seen unprecedented need amongst our students for financial support.

This year, Birkbeck has committed these funds to provide vital support and create essential pathways to study for non-traditional students. Master's degrees are playing an increasingly important role in helping graduates navigate competitive job markets, yet so many students face barriers to accessing further study. The support of The Jongen Charitable Trust will empower students to pursue their next step in education and will help to ensure that anyone with the potential to succeed will not be held back by their background or circumstance.

The announcement of this gift follows the launch of the #OurBirkbeck initiative in December 2020 which highlights the impact that Birkbeck community - alumni, friends, staff, students and supporters - are having on their communities, professions and broader society.

Professor David Latchman CBE, Vice-Chancellor at Birkbeck said: “Our alumni and supporters know better than anyone how important a Birkbeck education can be in helping students to open doors to their future. Unfortunately, many of our students still face significant challenges whilst studying which can affect their ability to succeed whilst at university. 

“Thanks to the generosity and vision of The Jongen Charitable Trust, these students will be able to thrive, achieve their full potential and complete their degrees with confidence. 

“We are delighted to be working with the Trust over the coming years to help students and to further Birkbeck’s mission of providing flexible and accessible higher education for all those who seek it. Their ongoing support is testament to their commitment to education.” 

Muriel Jongen, Birkbeck alumna and supporter, stated: “We have seen how our giving has made a real and tangible difference to students at Birkbeck, all of whom have so much potential and passion to succeed. To play a part in ensuring that all students have the support they need to help them thrive and advance, has been hugely rewarding.  

“As an alumna, I know first-hand that Birkbeck is an institution that creates opportunities. They are committed to understanding their students and adapting the financial support they offer to help every student succeed. We are so pleased to be part of it.”   

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