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BIDA contributes to the CoST event on "When AI meets Digital Forensics, Ethics, and Law"

The CoST network on Digital Forensics has organised this event involving academics, cybersecurity experts, lawyers, judges and investigators to focus on the arising Ethical 'crises' of Artificial Intelligence applications to investigations and forensics.

Hugh Lawson-Tancred from Birbeck was one of the panelists discussing these aspects. The recordings of the event are available to students and scholars who would like to understand the issues and how different disciplines and communities of practices discuss it.

DigForEthics was organized by Prof.s V. Mascardi J. C. Nieves as part of the initiatives of the EU-funded project “DIGital FORensics: evidence Analysis via intelligent Systems and Practices” (DigForASP). The network explores the potential of the application of Artificial Intelligence and Automated Reasoning in the Digital Forensics field to create synergies between these fields.

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