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‘Race and Justice’ event series launched

A new series of events will explore racisms, oppression, violence and injustice across the world.

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Birkbeck’s Department of Criminology have launched a new series of events that will explore racisms, oppression, violence and injustice across the world. Beginning in January 2022, the seven events will cover topics including: state racism, institutional racism in criminal justice systems, police brutality, processes of criminalisation, the far right, state violence, crimmigration, borders and migration. 

The series is organised by Dr Monish Bhatia (Department of Criminology, Birkbeck) and supported by the Race Matters Network (part of British Society of Criminology). All events are hosted online, free to attend and open to the public.

Dr Bhatia said, “The aim of this international seminar series is to create a critical forum for academic researchers, students, artists, campaigners and activists, and members of the public, to increase awareness and foster meaningful conversations regarding racisms, oppression, violence and injustice globally.”

Find out more and book your place at these events:

19 January 2022 'Race Against the Machine: Febrile Politics and Stasis Criminology' with Professor Coretta Phillips

3 February 2022 'Rethinking Work and the Carceral State' with Dr Jon Burnett

24 March 2022 'Racialised Constructions Of Punishability In Sentencing Hearings For 'Unwanted' Migrants' with Dr Gemma Lousley

28 April 2022 'White Terror: On the Far Right, Counterterrorism and the Racialisation of Violence' with Dr Aaron Winter

26 May 2022 'Decolonizing Postcolonialism And The Case Of Kashmir' with Dr Ather Zia

2 June 2022 'Racialized Swarming, Sacralized Politics, and Criminal Penetratabilities: Occupied Jerusalem, and Settler Colonial Israel' with Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian

30 June 2022 'Blackscapes: Urban Precarity, State Violence and Insurgent Politics in a Zone of Nonbeing' with Dr Jamie Amparo Alves

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