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About Linking London

Linking London is a unique collaborative partnership of London higher education institutions, colleges, schools and other members (London Councils Young People Education and Skills team, OCN London, Pearson and unionlearn) who work collaboratively to maximise our contribution to targeted widening participation, student engagement and success, social mobility and in pursuit of improvements in social justice through education. We have been in existence since 2006.

The core aims of our partnership are to support recruitment, retention and progression to and through higher education, in all its variety, including full and part-time, higher and degree apprenticeships and work-based learning into employment.

The need for partnership and collaborative working continues to be strong in these uncertain times. Membership of Linking London provides a forum for information sharing, problem solving and networking. This means that educationalists in London have a collective voice, across further and higher education, particularly with regard to improving social mobility in the capital.


We offer members:

  • staff development, events and networking opportunities
  • a collaborative outreach and information, advice and guidance (IAG) service
  • a higher education in further education (HE in FE) dedicated network
  • a series of newsletters and publications to keep you up-to-date with the education sector
  • access, via the partner area of our website, to a range of Linking London resources aimed at FE and HE staff and college learners, as well as relevant external resources, publications and meeting and event notes and presentations
  • support for higher education provision that addresses the requirements of partners' Access and Participation Plans and Statements, focusing on access, retention and student success and progression
  • a data research strand which focuses on the progression of college learners in London and up to date information about the London Labour Market
  • a forum for keeping abreast of all the latest qualification developments, including three termly practitioner groups (Access to HE Diplomas, BTEC and T Levels)
  • opportunities to share challenges and best practice and hear from a range of external speakers around designing and delivering higher and degree apprenticeships via our Higher and Degree Apprenticeship Practitioner Group which meets termly
  • an experienced and dedicated central team to support, broker and work on your behalf
  • a website which houses a range of Linking London produced resources for partners, as well as a Twitter feed
  • HE in London: a London-focused website which provides key contacts and event information for HE outreach across London.

We also have an extensive client database which facilitates communication and information sharing with partners.


  • To work collaboratively to identify opportunities and to meet the challenges of the changing educational landscape, building on our experience and track record.
  • The core aims of the network are to support recruitment, retention and progression to and through higher education.
  • Through Linking London membership, partners can work collaboratively, and individually, to maximise their contribution to targeted student engagement and success, social mobility and in pursuit of improvements in social justice through education.


  • To support partners in areas of both strategic and operational importance and to help them achieve key institutional objectives, and to provide a service for professional and organisational capacity improvement.
  • To provide a forum for information, discussion and networking on matters of importance to all sectors in education to ensure a pro-active, collective voice, and to provide opportunities for networking with stakeholders and employers, whose views and approaches have relevance to the world of education both in terms of design, delivery and successful outcomes.
  • To support readiness for and engagement in impending changes, to seek to innovate, whilst drawing on good practice to inform our understanding of what works and to work for quality outcomes.
  • To provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for partners through collaboration that represents 'value for money'.