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Eligibility for part-time overseas fee status

The following international students may be eligible to study part-time and charged at part-time overseas fees rate. (Please note that this is not a complete list.)

  • UK and EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who have not been ordinarily resident in the UK/EEA for three years before beginning their course of study.
  • Spouses of UK nationals who have not ordinarily been resident in the UK for three years before beginning their course of study and do not have a settled status, eg 'indefinite leave to remain'.
  • Embassy staff who have permission to work in embassies based in the UK and do not have 'settled status' or 'indefinite leave to remain'.
  • Applicants who have a work permit are normally classified as overseas for fees purposes. Applicants would only be considered 'home' for fees status if granted 'indefinite leave to remain' and have three years' ordinary residence in the UK before beginning their course of study.
  • Commonwealth applicants who are in possession of an 'ancestry visa'.
  • Asylum-seekers are overseas for fees purposes until they are given a 'refugee status' or 'indefinite leave to remain' or 'Humanitarian Protection'.