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Entry requirements

Find out which qualifications will be recognised in your Birkbeck application.


  • Applicants from Taiwan with good grades in a Senior High School Diploma or Senior Vocational High School Diploma will usually be required to do a Foundation course before starting a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants who have completed the first year of a Bachelor’s degree at a recognised university in Taiwan with a GPA of 75-80%+ may be eligible to be admitted to the first year of a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Students with a Junior College Diploma (two- or five-year) with a final grade of 80+% may be offered entry to Year 2 of a Bachelor’s degree at the discretion of the department.
  • Applicants with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or A-levels will be considered for direct admission to our undergraduate degree programmes. IB requirements range from 28 to 30, depending on the course.


  • Successful applicants from Taiwan will usually have a minimum of 75% from one of the highly ranked universities* or 80% from any other recognised national or private university (for programmes requiring a UK 2:1); for programmes requiring a UK 2:2, a final grade of at least 70% from one of the highly ranked universities or 75% from any other recognised national or private university.
  • Please note that all applications are considered on an individual basis and you may be admitted to a Master's programme with a lower-level degree if you have work experience relevant to the degree applied for.
  • If you do not meet these criteria, you can apply for Birkbeck’s International Foundation Programme, which acts as a bridge between undergraduate and postgraduate study, preparing students to study a Master’s degree in the UK. There are progression pathways onto various courses at Birkbeck.
  • Another option is the Master's Foundation programme, which is available for 2- or 3-term progression onto a wide range of Master’s degrees at Birkbeck.
  • *Highly ranked universities include: Chang-Gung Univ, China Medical Univ, Chung Yuan Christian U, Fu Jen Catholic Univ, Nat’l Central Univ, Nat’l Chenghua Univ of Education, Nat’l Cheng Kung Univ, Nat’l Cheng Chi Univ, Nat’l Chi Nan Univ, Nat’l Chiao Tung Univ, Nat’l Chung Cheng Univ, Nat’l Chung Hsing Univ, Nat’l Dong Hwa Univ, Nat’l Sun Yat-Sen Univ, Nat’l Taipei U of Tech, Nat’l Taiwan Normal U, Nat’l Taiwan Univ, Nat’l Taiwan Ocean Univ, Nat’l Taiwan U of Sci & Technology, Nat’l Tsinghua Univ, Nat’l Yang Ming, Nat’l Yun Lin U of S & T, Soochow University, Taipei Medical Univ, Tamkang Univ, TaTung University, Tunghai Univ, Yuan Ze University
  • Taiwanese degree classification:
    • 80-100% (CGPA: 3.7; alternative name: Highest; English translation or equivalent: 1st)
    • 75-79% (CGPA: 3.25; alternative name: Average; English translation or equivalent: 2:1)
    • 70-74% (CGPA: 2.75; alternative name: Average; English translation or equivalent: 2:2).

Research degrees 

  • Successful applicants will usually have a Master’s degree with at least 75-80% for their final grade from a recognised national or private university. A key consideration will be the quality of your research proposal.
  • Applicants are strongly urged to contact potential supervisors within the department before submitting a research application.

Contact us in Taiwan

Please get in touch with our in-country representatives if you have any queries.


  • GoStudy website
  • Address:
    • 1F, No. 210, Dungmen Road, Sec. 2
    • Tainan City 701
    • Taiwan
  • Phone: 06 336 2561
  • Fax: 06 335 7897
  • Check website for offices in Banciao, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Taipei, Tianjin and Zhongli.

Index Education Services

  • Index Education Services website
  • Address:
    • 10F, No. 261, Sec. 3 Roosevelt Road
    • Taipei City 106
    • Taiwan
  • Phone: 02 2369 2928
  • Fax: 02 2362 8495
  • Check website for offices in Kaohsiung and Taichung.

OxBridge Consulting Inc


  • UKEAS website
  • Address:
    • 3F, No. 121 Chung Ching South Road
    • Sec. 1
    • Taipei 100
    • Taiwan
  • Phone: 02 2370 9780
  • Fax: 02 2370 9070
  • Check website for offices in Hsinchu, Kaohsiung, Keelung, Taichung, Tainan, Taoyuan.