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Entry requirements

Find out which qualifications will be recognised in your Birkbeck application.


  • Applicants from Poland who have completed the Swiadectwo Dojrzałości/Matura and obtained a minimum of 65% in subjects taken at Advanced or Higher Level can be considered for direct entry to an undergraduate course at Birkbeck. Since 2005, the Matura has been marked on a percentage scale with a pass mark of 30%.
  • Applicants with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or A-levels will be considered for direct admission to our undergraduate degree programmes. IB requirements range from 28 to 30, depending on the course.
  • Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements can consider a Foundation course, which allows students the chance to progress onto Birkbeck’s Bachelor programmes.
    • A-level AAA = 144 UCAS tariff points = comparable offer 80%
    • A-level AAB = 136 UCAS tariff points = comparable offer 80%
    • A-level ABB = 128 UCAS tariff points = comparable offer 75%
    • A-level BBB = 120 UCAS tariff points = comparable offer 70%
    • A-level BBC = 112 UCAS tariff points = comparable offer 65%
    • A-level BCC = 104 UCAS tariff points = comparable offer 60%
    • A-level CCC = 96 UCAS tariff points = comparable offer 60%.


  • To be considered for entry onto a Master’s degree at Birkbeck, you must have completed a post-2001 Licencjat/Inżynier (Bachelor’s degree) OR three-year pre-2000 Magister/Magister Inżynier (Master's degree) from a recognised university. Magister degrees studied after 2000 are considered comparable to British Master's degree standard.
  • If you do not meet these criteria, you can apply for Birkbeck’s International Foundation Programme, which acts as a bridge between undergraduate and postgraduate study, preparing students to study a Master’s Degree in the UK. There are progression pathways onto various courses at Birkbeck.
  • Another option is the Master's Foundation programme, which is available for 2- or 3-term progression onto a wide range of Master’s degrees at Birkbeck.
  • Polish degree classification:
    • A/A1* (alternative name: 5/6; English translation or equivalent: Very good = 1st)
    • B (alternative name: 4.5/4+; English translation or equivalent: Better than good = 2:1)
    • C (alternative name: 4; English translation or equivalent: Good = 2:2).

Research degrees

  • The usual entrance requirement for a research degree is a Master’s degree from a recognised university; schools may accept students with high grades in the undergraduate degree.
  • Applicants are strongly urged to contact potential supervisors within the department before submitting a research application.