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The English language requirements for our courses are provided on individual course pages as minimum IELTS scores, however we accept several other certificates.

If you require a Student Visa to study at Birkbeck, you will need to meet specific entry requirements as specified by the Home Office.

Undergraduate entry requirements

Applicants from Paraguay will normally require a Foundation course for entry onto undergraduate programmes at the university. These offer the opportunity for guaranteed progression onto Birkbeck’s Bachelor programmes. Candidates who have completed the Titulo Intermedio (2-3 years) can be considered for first and/or second year entry depending on the subject fit.

Applicants who have completed one year at a Peruvian university (Titulo de Licenciado with at least 13/20) may be considered for direct entry.

Applicants with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or A-levels will be considered for direct admission to our undergraduate degree programmes. IB requirements range from 28 to 30, depending on the course.

Postgraduate entry requirements

To be considered for entry onto a Master’s degree at Birkbeck, a student from Paraguay must have completed a Título de Licenciado/Título de [professional title] (4-6 years) or an equivalent professional title from a recognised Paraguayan university. Grades of 4/5 or higher can be considered as UK 2:1 equivalent and 3/5 or higher can be considered as UK 2:2 equivalent. The Título Intermedio is a 2-3 year degree and is equivalent to a HNC, it is not suitable for postgraduate entry but holders of this award could be considered for second-year undergraduate entry or pre-Master’s courses.

Please note that all applications are considered on an individual basis and you may be admitted to a Master's programme with a lower-level degree if you have work experience relevant to the degree applied for.

If you do not meet these criteria, you can apply for OnCampus' Master's Foundation programme, which is available for 2- or 3-term progression onto a wide range of Master’s degrees at Birkbeck.

Research degrees entry requirements

The usual entrance requirement for a research degree is a Master’s degree from a recognised university.

Applicants are strongly urged to contact potential supervisors within the department before submitting a research application.

Further information

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