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Focus on the Funk: Fanon, Hope and the Day After.

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

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You can download a PDF of the programme here

This year’s FOTF, curated in collaboration with the International Frantz Fanon Foundation aims to probe this question -whether it’s best to conceive hope as mere horizon and promise or as the envisioning of a past as future and a different beginning that can be actualised here and now- together with a group of artists, activist and thinkers from around the world.  We refer also to Fanon’s notion of the human that is to come the day after revolution and decolonization, the pitfalls of nationalism and the need for Tricontinental solidarity. Specifically, the “metonymy of colour” and the institutional and aesthetic creativity that today’s protest movements have taken up from the spirit of Bandung and the Tricontinental as part of a decolonial orientation on what is and what must be entailed by a “different beginning”: change, transformation, rupture, a vision or outline of what’s to come and so on. We would like to visit this conception of hope and euchronia not in the sense of parallel or escapist alternatives to what is, but rather, in the sense of what is but not-yet. The vortex, as theorised and experimented with by Amerindian timekeepers and contemporary physics as well as political and art practitioners like Decolonize this Place, Novara Media, South as a State of Mind, Colectiva Feminista en Construccion and La Colonie, among others.


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