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Birkbeck Medieval Seminar - The Productive Medieval Body

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

The Birkbeck Medieval Seminar is an annual event. It is free and open to all scholars of the Middle Ages. It is designed to foster conversation and debate on a particular topic within medieval studies by providing the opportunity to hear new research from experts in the field. We are a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

  • Vincent Gillespie (Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford). 'The Moderhede of Kynde Love': Conception, Labour, and Delivery in the Theology of Julian of Norwich.
  • Maaike van der Lugt (Université Paris Diderot) 'Powerful Milk: The Physiology and Ethics of Breastfeeding in Medieval Medicine'
  • Kim Phillips (University of Auckland) 'The Medical uses of Breastmilk in Later Medieval England'
  • Alicia Spencer-Hall (Queen Mary, University of London) 'Disability, Cure, and What Comes Next: Chronic Pain and Illness in the 13th-Century Occitan Life of Douceline of Digne'

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