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Invited Speaker Series: Organising masculine identities using age-identity-characteristics as a strategy of control

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building

Professor Coupland's seminar is based on her article, which examines how age plays out in organizational settings by focusing on: age as an embodied identity, the symbolic meanings of age within organizing practices and the potential for these practices to provide a mechanism of control. Material has been analysed from an ethnographic study of a professional rugby club. The context is pertinent for the study of age as the workforce comprises, almost exclusively, male employees. Hence, the gendered nature of age practices can be unravelled with age as the ‘subtext for arrangement and subordination’ rather than gender (Acker, 1990 p. 155). It is both timely and important to consider how age and gender intersect as inextricably experienced by the individual, yet organized in a social environment to meet organizational ends. The key contribution of this article is to attend to how men create, maintain and subvert other men’s work experiences through age-categorizations.

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