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'FIGURES OF THE END OF THE WORLD': A masterclass with Slavoj Zizek

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

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Apropos the topic of the end of the world that prevades our media, Alenka Zupannin ironically noted that one should not expect too much from the end of the world – it may disappoint us... To this, I would only add a similar variation on the worry about a catastrophic end of the world: don't worry, sooner or later the end will come. This variation brings out the underlying assumption of our fear about the end of the world: we silently presume that, if we talk and worry enough about it, it will maybe not happen. So what if the true end of time is not a mega-catastrophe but the endless repetition of the same epitomized by the standard conclusion of the end of an episode in TV-series which indicates what awaits as next week - to quote Alessandro Sbordoni: “As the end gets nearer, more is yet to come.” So maybe we already live (in) the end of the world.



1 - Welcome to the age of indifference

2 - Why it is not enough just to postpone the end


Literature: Slavoj Zizek texts on Substack:

The masterclass will take place at Birkbeck campus. It will consist of two in-person seminars with Professor Zizek. The first teaching session will be chaired by the BIH Co-Director Prof Esther Leslie and the second one by the BIH Co-Director Prof Jacqueline Rose.

Tickets can be purchased separately for each of the two sessions which will run from 14:00-16:00 (GMT) on both days. Each session costs £20 but there is also a combined ticket available to attend both days at £30.

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