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Entroterra: memorie e desideri delle montagne minori [Hinterlands: memories and desires for the minor mountains]

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

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There are hundreds of small towns, villages, hamlets abandoned and dispersed along the Apennines. They are a territorial marker of the marginality of the internal areas (le area interne), and at the same time a symbol of the short circuits of the univocal models of development that frequently carried their inhabitants elsewhere. Today, these minor mountains are still lived. Entroterra, built upon village-based research and experience, reconstructs the recent processes of depopulation in areas far away from each other. From Emilia to Calabria, from Campania to Abruzzo, stories, places, and people meet in a unique Apennine voice in which shared events and trends reveal new perspectives and possibilities for establishing roots at high altitude.



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