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Dr Blanca Grey - Delivering impact in a time of complexity

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We are pleased to announce the 1st Seminar Series on Governance, Institutions, and Sustainability” jointly hosted by the Centre for Political Economy and Institutional Studies and by the Birkbeck Responsible Business Centre, within the Birkbeck Business School.

In our rapidly evolving world, the intricate web connecting governance, institutions, and sustainability has become increasingly prominent. We invite scholars, researchers, and practitioners to enhance this very important debate and to join us in exploring the profound intertwining of these critical elements at our upcoming seminar series. 

Hosting Institutes:  
Centre for Political Economy and Institutional Studies (CPEIS), Birkbeck University of London; Birkbeck Responsible Business Centre (RBC) 
Convenor/Organiser: Dr Luca Andriani (Birkbeck University of London) 


In its 11th year, Reporting matters introduces an evolved evaluation framework designed to guide companies in an era of rapidly reporting requirements and increased stakeholder expectations.

The 2023 edition reflects the significant strides made by companies in enhancing the quality and quantity of their sustainability reports. However, amidst this progress, critical questions remain: does the proliferation of information truly translate into positive impact? Are more accessible reports driving meaningful action? Or are companies primarily preoccupied with navigating the ever-changing landscape of reporting requirements?

This presentation includes an overview of the evaluation framework as well as the key findings, reporting trends and developments drawn from the 2023 reviews of business reports


Dr Blanca Grey (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

Sustainability reporting professional helping businesses to navigate the complex regulatory landscape while showing progress and impact through their ESG reporting.



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