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Dr Elodie Douarin (UCL) - Post-conflict Political Participation, Gender, and Institutions

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We are pleased to announce the 1st Seminar Series on Governance, Institutions, and Sustainability” jointly hosted by the Centre for Political Economy and Institutional Studies and by the Birkbeck Responsible Business Centre, within the Birkbeck Business School.   

In our rapidly evolving world, the intricate web connecting governance, institutions, and sustainability has become increasingly prominent. We invite scholars, researchers, and practitioners to enhance this very important debate and to join us in exploring the profound intertwining of these critical elements at our upcoming seminar series.



A well-established literature links war victimisation to increased levels of political participation later on, emphasising “post-traumatic” growth as a key mechanism explaining why war victims behave differently in the political arena. While most of the research to date in this field has failed to investigate gendered differences, where gendered differences have been investigated, researchers have not only pointed at stark differences in the relationship between victimisation and political participation between genders, but also to gaps in our current understanding of the mechanisms linking the two, as post-traumatic growth does not imply gendered outcomes. Against this backdrop, we investigate political participation in post conflict Kosovo with the aim of shedding light on some of the mechanisms at play and their gendered dimension. This work, relying on new primary data, investigates a broader set of victimisations (in particular including exposure to wartime sexual violence, as reported through a direct question and through an indirect unobtrusive list-experiment) and a broader set of potential mechanisms than any other study in the extent literature. In particular, we investigate the role of specific values around gender roles and masculinised political space, and their moderating effect on formal institutional change.



Dr Elodie Douarin (University College London)

Hosting Institutes:  
Centre for Political Economy and Institutional Studies (CPEIS), Birkbeck University of London; Birkbeck Responsible Business Centre (RBC) 

Convenor/Organiser: Dr Luca Andriani

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