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Get Ahead, Stay Ahead: Time management and organising your studies

Venue: Online

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead is a series of online study and writing skills workshops running throughout September, designed to help you prepare for university before the start of the academic year.

Managing your time effectively and organising your studies are essential parts of being a student, and for a healthy work-life-study balance. In this online workshop, you will assess how well you organise and manage your time at present and learn key time management techniques to help you to organise your time more effectively in line with your chosen goals.

The workshop will also help you establish an effective routine of studying independently outside the university and online, and offers various tips, as well as issues to consider, to help your studies be as successful as possible while studying from home.

This online workshop will take place on Microsoft Teams.

The resources and recordings will be found after the workshops on the Birkbeck Study Skills Moodle module (student login required) in the Get Ahead, Stay Ahead section.

This workshop will repeat on Wednesday 27th September.

Birkbeck Study Skills also run study and writing skills workshops throughout the academic year.

Please note these workshops are intended for Birkbeck College students only.

This year’s full series of pre-sessional workshops is as follows:

Study skills:

1.     Time management and organising your studies

2.     Apps and software for study and organisation

3.     Academic reading, lectures and note-making techniques

4.     Academic reading and note-making using apps and software

5.     Developing your concentration & focus for study

6.     Writing and delivering effective presentations

7.     Critical thinking skills

8.     Quoting, paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism

9.     Introduction to Birkbeck IT - an online live demonstration

10.   Zotero for postgraduates

Writing skills:

1.     Writing essays and assignments: an overview

2.     Assignment writing strategies using apps & software 

3.     Writing Style: Academic writing conventions

4.     Writing Structure: paragraphs and signposting language

5.     Writing Grammar: Sentences and punctuation


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