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Case studies II: Memorial Sites in Post-fascist Southern Europe

Venue: Online

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Speakers, Francesco Mazzucchelli, Zoe de Kerangat, Maria C. Puche-Ruiz & Maria Jose Romero-Ternero, Pilar Diaz-Cuevas & Alfonso Fernandez-Tabales, present their individual case studies on memorial sites in post-fascist Southern Europe.

We begin with Francesco Mazzucchelli who will be presenting his research on "The second life of difficult heritage. Visual re-enunciations of fascist architecture between political mobilizations and pop-culture representations"
Zoé de Kerangat shares her research on "Memory in The Making: La Barranca And The Mujeres De Negro Through Their Images", and Maria C. Puche-Ruiz & María José Romero-Ternero discuss their work on "Democratic visions for a conflictive heritage. The cinematographic ‘counter-memory’ of the Valley of the Fallen (1978-2016)". The final presentation in this event is from Maria C. Puche-Ruiz, Pilar Diaz-Cuevas & Alfonso Fernandez-Tabales who discuss a case studie that looks at "Identification and analysis of sites of memory in the city of Seville. Dissemination and heritage interpretation strategies"

Welcome to this event organised by Marcos Centeno (University of Valencia. Birkbeck, University of London) as part of the BIRMAC series on Memorial sites, in partnership with:
Repercri (Contemporary Representations of Perpetrators of Mass Crimes),
Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform,
TRAME (Center for the Semiotic Study of Memory),
Perpetrator Studies Network
CITur (Cinema Imaginary and Tourism)

Contact name:

  • Alfonso Fernandez-Tabales
  • Francesco Mazzucchelli -

    Francesco Mazzucchelli, PhD is Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Communication and researcher at CUE, the International Center for Advanced Studies in the Humanities “Umberto Eco”. He has been awarded research fellowships at several Universities/Institutes, where he has spent research and teaching periods: NIAS, UvA University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam, University of Uppsala-Gotland, University of Manchester, Université de Limoges, Fondation Maison Sciences de l'Homme.

    His research deals mainly with cultural semiotics and processes of construction/transmission of collective memory.

    From September 2021, he is the Director of TraMe, Centre for the Semiotic Study of Memory.

  • Maria C. Puche-Ruiz
  • Maria Jose Romero-Ternero
  • Pilar Diaz-Cuevas
  • Zoé de Kerangat