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Accounting and Finance Workshop on the association between household finances and Covid-19

Venue: Birkbeck Clore Management Centre

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The Accounting and Finance Research Centre at Birkbeck College invites you to a one-day workshop on June 7 at Clore Building, CLO101, Birkbeck College. The aim of the workoshop is to enhance our understanding of household finances responses to Covid-19.

The following are a few examples of topics related to the theme of the workshop:

  • Household debt repayments through the pandemic;
  • Changes in household financial behaviour as response to Covid-19;
  • Changes in household financial behaviour as response to government policies;
  • Household wellbeing and welfare implications through the pandemic and future shocks;
  • Labour market linkages of households’ responses to shocks in Covid-19;
  • Policy responses through the pandemic and future shocks;
  • Household inequality and Covid-19
  • Job creations 
  • Precautionary savings
  • SME financing 



11:15 Registration and Coffee CLO 101, Clore Building, Birkbeck Business School.

11:30 Session Chair: Karin Shields

  • Furlough and Household Financial Distress during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Yeromonahos Mallory
    (with Görtz C, & McGowan D), University of Sheffield.
  • Doing it All: Intra-household dynamics and the impacts of the extended Covid pandemic on self-employed women, Darja Reuschke (with Elizabeth Daniel, Andrew Henley).

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Session Chair: Helen Lawton Smith

  • COVID-19 lending support and regional levelling up: evidence from UK loan guarantee schemes' Cowling Mark
    (with Nightingale P, Wilson N).
  • Search and Reallocation in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from the UK, David Zentler-Munro
    (with Carlos Carrillo-Tudela, Camila Comunello, Alex Clymo, Annette Jäckle, and Ludo Visschers).

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Session Chair: Emmanuel Mamatzakis

  • Why do households repay their debt in UK during the COVID-19 crisis? Emmanuel Mamatzakis, (with S. Ongena, M. Tsionas)
  • The Moderating Effect of Covid-19 Responses on Household Finance in OECD - Eric Boahen.

17:30 End of Workshop 

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