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How to become and thrive as an impactful scholar – an hour with Professor Morten Huse - Session 4

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Reflections from the award winning book: 'Resolving the crisis in research by changing the game'.

In this series of four sessions, chaired by Dr Muthu De Silva, we welcome Professor Morten Huse to offer advice to the scholarly community on how to become and thrive as an impactful scholar – simultaneously achieving theoretical rigour and practical relevance, among other values.

Session 4: Ecosystem/Pop-Culture. The present equilibrium in the scholarly ecosystem is supporting a 'publish or perish' culture. This session will contribute to explore and understand initiatives for developing true scholarship.

Several initiatives have been taken during recent decades to show the need to rethink management scholarship, and many warnings have been presented. Many voices are raised against the present publish-or-perish culture (POP-culture) in academia, with criticisms such as: ‘Academia has lost reflection’, ‘Return to meaning’, ‘Academia has become a hothouse for functional stupidity’, and ‘Scholars have become publishing technicians’. There are thus also different initiatives and suggestions for how to change the system. The initiatives vary depending on the people or institutions in question, including variations in disciplinary and geographical backgrounds and traditions, differences in types of actions, variations in purpose or objectives. In this article, I am not arguing about the existence of the crisis descriptions. Rather, I sort these initiatives into a scholarly ecosystem; addressing the institutions, the audience, the message, the channels and the community.

Background for the presentation is found in chapter 5 in “Resolving the crisis in research by changing the game”, and in the Global Focus article “Champions changing the academic POP-culture" 


Morten Huse is Professor Emeritus at BI Norwegian Business School (Oslo) from 1.1.2021. PhD (dr.oecon) is from NHH in Bergen. Member of Board of Governors at Academy of Management (AOM 2019-2022). He has been President of the European Academy of Management (EURAM 2010-2012). He has been teaching at universities in more than 20 countries. He has signed the DORA declaration and endorsed RRBM. His focus is about sustainability in gender issues, value-creating boards and our scholarly society.

"Life is too short to drink bad wine". This is a reminder to give priority to the most important things. I want to make a contribution through my research, to individuals, business and society, and the best way to do that is by working with junior faculty and PhD students. My working environment is a virtual organization - connecting to people from all over the world. This has also led me to make presentations on important arenas (including various Parliaments and main international newspapers, etc).

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