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Birkbeck Knowledge Lab Seminar: Conversations with Computers- How chatbots can impact users, service provision, and society

Venue: Online

Computers that can talk with their users in everyday language have been a research goal for decades. With recent advances in artificial intelligence and proliferation of networked devices, this goal is by at large realized as users take on conversational agents or chatbots for customer service, health information, public sector service provision, or even social or relational purposes. In this talk, Asbjørn Følstad will draw on his research on chatbots and conversational user experience to outline and discuss how users experience chatbots, promising areas of chatbot use, and possible implications of chatbots to users and society.

Contact name:

  • Dr Asbjorn Folstad -

    Dr. Asbjørn Følstad is chief research scientist at SINTEF, a Norwegian technology research institute. His background is in Psychology and he has spent the last two decades researching human-computer interaction and user-centred design. His current interest is user-oriented AI applications, in particular chatbot user experience and design. Asbjørn is co-organizer of the annual CONVERSATIONS international workshop on chatbot research and design and is currently engaged in international and national research projects addressing topics such as ethical and societal implications of chatbots, chatbots in service provision, and human-chatbot interaction design.