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The digital archive: definitions, challenges and implications

Venue: Online

This workshop is the first of three workshops on Archives in a pandemic-stricken era: roles, uses, impacts. The series, organised by Dr Eleni Liarou, is hosted in collaboration with BIRMAC, Birkbeck's Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Media and Culture.

In this workshop, Hannah Ishmael (Black Cultural Archives, Collections and Research Manager) Mark Duguid (British Film Institute, Senior Curator), and Jake Berger (BBC Executive Product Manager, BBC Archive), will discuss current challenges and opportunities for public archives such as the BCA, BFI and the BBC. The panel will address questions such as: 

• What does digitising the archive mean and why do it? 
• What to digitise? (selection and curation process) 
• Implications of digitisation for public engagement and impact 

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