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Study skills: Referencing and citation

Venue: Online

All academic writing contains references - information from other texts that supports your argument. Referencing is how we tell the reader where that information comes from. Learning the conventions of referencing and citation is an essential academic skill. It is also important to understand how and why to use references to support your own ideas.

In this academic writing workshop we will:

- Present and discuss the key concepts of referencing and citation, including: style guides, in-text references, footnotes and reference lists

- Learn how to support your ideas and arguments with references

- Understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it

- Learn how to format quotations and paraphrases

This online workshop will take place on a Collaborate link within the Birkbeck Study Skills Moodle Module. It is intended for enrolled Birkbeck students only, and you will require your student login details to access the workshop.

If you encounter any problems booking events through My Birkbeck, please book via the Birkbeck Events webpage.

All our workshops are repeated numerous times throughout the academic year. The resources and a recording of this workshop will be available in the Study skills resources section of the Birkbeck Study Skills Moodle module (student login required).

The central study skills team offers a variety of study skills and writing skills workshops.

This is one of the study skills workshop series, which consists of:
1. Time management and organising your studies
2. Procrastination, perfectionism and prioritisation
3. Reading for university
4. Note-making for academic purposes
5. Mindmapping
6. Critical thinking – what is critical thinking?
7. Critical thinking – building and evaluating academic argument
8. Referencing and citation of academic sources
9. Summarising and paraphrasing effectively
10. Zotero academic referencing software - live demonstration
11. Exams and revision strategies
12. How to develop your concentration and focus
13. Moodle in-depth: tips for beginners
14. MS Teams in-depth: tips for beginners
15. Academic skills clinic (group tutorial Q&A)

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