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How to become and thrive as an impactful scholar – an hour with Professor Morten Huse - Session 2

Venue: Online

Reflections from the award winning book: 'Resolving the crisis in research by changing the game'.

In this series of four sessions, chaired by Dr Muthu De Silva, we welcome Professor Morten Huse to offer advice to the scholarly community on how to become and thrive as an impactful scholar – simultaneously achieving theoretical rigour and practical relevance, among other values.

Session 2: Thriving different stages of an academic career. This session is about challenges about true scholarship in the different phases of scholarly life cycle.

Scholarship is not only what scholars do; it is what scholars are. Scholarship varies through our scholarly life-cycle. As scholars, we should go through a development process. Our learning process and contributions should not stop when we get our PhDs or when we are getting our tenure. An academic career should not only be about how many times we are able to apply the same type of knowledge, but should involve continually acquiring, developing, and applying new types of knowledge. In the later phases of the life-cycle it is about developing and nurturing values. This is about developing a community culture based on sharing and caring; about using our time, knowledge and energy to make a better world; and about inquiring, reflecting and integrating to make our research important for new generations of scholars.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Session 3 – Scholarly positioning within the International Community. Our scholarship and careers are balancing general and contextual challenges. This is the focus of the third session.
  • Session 4 – Ecosystem/Pop-Culture. The present equilibrium in the scholarly ecosystem is supporting a 'publish or perish' culture. This sessions will contribute to explore and understand initiatives for developing true scholarship.


Morten Huse is Professor Emeritus at BI Norwegian Business School (Oslo) from 1.1.2021. PhD (dr.oecon) is from NHH in Bergen. Member of Board of Governors at Academy of Management (AOM 2019-2022). He has been President of the European Academy of Management (EURAM 2010-2012). He has been teaching at universities in more than 20 countries. He has signed the DORA declaration and endorsed RRBM. His focus is about sustainability in gender issues, value-creating boards and our scholarly society.

"Life is too short to drink bad wine". This is a reminder to give priority to the most important things. I want to make a contribution through my research, to individuals, business and society, and the best way to do that is by working with junior faculty and PhD students. My working environment is a virtual organization - connecting to people from all over the world. This has also led me to make presentations on important arenas (including various Parliaments and main international newspapers, etc).

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