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Science Fiction: Imagining the Future

Venue: Online

What do we see when we imagine the future? How have our future visions changed since Queen Victoria sat on the throne? From early flying machines and winged firemen to mechanical butlers serving drinks mixed in their robotic stomachs, science fiction has given us futuristic glimpses of technology that went on to influence politicians, artists, economists, thinkers, engineers, and computer programmers. Their vivid stories have helped to shape our contemporary world.

Led by Prof. Roger Luckhurst, a leading UK specialist in science fiction, this webinar will introduce you to a number of eccentric and important science-fictional visions in print culture as well in visual and cinematic media. We will explore how robots, aliens, utopias on Mars, green futures of abundant clean energy, and post-apocalyptic landscapes have been depicted in science fiction books, artworks, and films. The hopeful worlds they contain offer important lessons to us today and remind us of the power of the imagination.

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