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MSc Organizational Psychology Reunion for 2021 Finishers

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building

This event is open to students on the MSc Organizational Psychology who are finishing in the 2020/21 academic year and offers the opportunity to connect with colleagues in-person.

As part of the session, Dr Jo Yarker will present a lecture on Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work, which will be followed by small group discussion and activities.

Attendees will have to adhere to College guidance on Covid-19 which will be confirmed with participants prior to attending.

If the event is full then please sign up for the waiting list. If you have signed up and are no longer able to attend please let us know at

Event Details

Jo Yarker
Occupational Psychologist, specialising in work, health and wellbeing.
Reader, Birkbeck, University of London
Director, Affinity Health at Work

Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing at work has never been more important. Pre-pandemic, one in six UK employees reported mental ill-heath and common mental health conditions are the leading cause of sickness absence. While the prioritisation of wellbeing at work by government bodies, organisations and professionals working across a broad range of disciplines is welcome, the field of wellbeing at work is complex and difficult to navigate. Knowing what to do to improve wellbeing at work is not always clear, the evidence is inconsistent and all too often organisations are adopting a ‘fix the individual’ approach. To create healthy, happy and productive workplaces psychologists and professionals working across Human Resources, Occupational Health, employees and employers need to work together to address the challenges ahead.

In this session we will examine key theories that inform how organisations can prevent, manage and support mental health and wellbeing at work; examine research on what works and what does not; and share our research that has led to practical evidence-based guidance for managers and employees. We will also take time to apply these principles to our own wellbeing building knowledge and confidence to help you protect your own mental health and look out for others. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Identifying signs and signals in yourself and others
  • How to look after yourself and others
  • Management competencies to reduce and prevent stress at work
  • Building your IGLOO for a successful transition back to the workplace and into a new way of working

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