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Feeding Istanbul: The Political Economy of Urban Provisioning

Venue: Online

Speaker: Candan Turkkan (Department of Gastronomy & Culinary Arts, Ozyegin University) 

  •  This event will take place on Microsoft Teams. A link to join will be sent out to attendees on the day.

How was Istanbul, once the capital of the Ottoman Empire and now the financial heart of contemporary Turkey, provisioned in the early 19th century? Tracing how the sovereign’s duty to provision the city and protect his subjects from hunger was gradually transferred to the market and became a responsibility of the subjects (later, citizens) alone, Feeding Istanbul makes a compelling case for situating food politics, and politics of urban provisioning in particular, at the centre of the way we think about the relationship between the sovereign and the political community.

This event is organised by the Food Working Group, which aims to promote research into the production, distribution, and consumption of food and drink from the perspective of interdisciplinary social science. More particularly, we seek to demonstrate how the study of the modern food system can provide for a better understanding of the key historical transformations that give rise to the modern world, as well as contemporary patterns of social, economic, and political change.

Contact name:

  • Candan Turkkan