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Prof Slavoj Zizek: ARGUMENTS FOR ALIENATION, A Masterclass over two days, 16 + 17 November 2020.

Venue: Online

Professor Slavoj Zizek

A Two Day Masterclass - 16th and 17th November 2020

What one should render problematic today is a feature that Marx, Lenin, and their anarchist opponents had in common: smashing the existing state apparatuses and replacing them with some kind of transparent self-organization of society that excludes alienation and political re-presentation. This is why one should finally abandon the myth of Paris Commune’s lost innocence – as if the Communards were Communists before Communist “totalitarian” terror of the XXth century, as if in the Commune a dream came true even if people were effectively eating rats. What if, in contrast to the big obsession to overcome the alienation of state institutions and bring about a self-transparent society, our task today should be almost the opposite one, to enact a “good alienation”?
(1) Getting Used to… (Covid, Forest Fires)? No, Thanks!
(2) The Limits of Democracy
Slavoj Zizek, PANDEMIC 2: CHRONICLES OF A TIME LOST, New York: OR Books 2020


This event will take place remotely using Blackboard's Collaborate system. Following a lecture recorded especially for this event by Professor Zizek, the BIH Co-Director Esther Leslie will moderate a live question and answer session with Zizek, with participants invited to submit questions and comments during the event itself.

Those who register will be given joining details.  Tickets should be purchased separately for each of the two sessions which will run from 14:00-16:00 on both days. Each session costs £10.


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