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Hilda Weiss, sociologist: A critical theorist of a lesser kind?

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building

Speaker: Detlef Garz (Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, Institute for Advanced Study)

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Hilda Weiss (29 August 1900 – 29 May 1981) was a sociologist and one of the first doctoral students at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt (joining 1924) which is famous for its role in developing critical theory. She played a central role in designing and running a large study of political views and employment conditions in Germany, 1930, working with Erich Fromm. Given her life, contributions to sociology, and methodological innovations, it seems odd that she has been mostly relegated to the occasional footnote in papers on people like Fromm. This talk will explore her life and contributions to sociology and critical theory.

This event is being organised jointly with the Birkbeck Social Science Methodology (BSSM) network, which aims to encourage creative developments in methodology by bringing people together from across the social sciences, arts, and humanities.

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