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MURRAY SEMINAR: A cross-disciplinary study of lion paw prints in Giovanni Pisano's Pisa pulpit

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

No booking required

Part of our Murray Seminar programme on Medieval and Renaissance Art. All seminars are held at 5pm. A break at 5.50pm is followed by discussion and refreshments.

Giovanni Pisano carved animal tracks on the base of one of two lions bearing columns in his pulpit for Pisa Cathedral (1302-1310). Overlooked for more than seven centuries, these are the first naturalistic paw prints carved in marble in post-Classical Western art. This paper presents the initial results of a joint art historical and anatomical study of the Pisa paw prints conducted by Dr Luca Palozzi and Dr Gurå Bergkvist. In so doing, it tackles the much-debated issue of Medieval 'naturalism' (and its means) from an unusual perspective. A cross-disciplinary approach, that is, may help us find new answers to long-standing questions.

This series of seminars on medieval and renaissance art is supported by the bequest established in memory of Professor Peter Murray, the Department's founder.

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