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Neurodiversity in Sport Governance

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

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The last 15 years has seen significant focus on supporting greater gender and ethnic diversity on boards. There has been significant progress made in regard to the former. These trends also are present within the sports industry and embedded within the UK Code for Sports Governance is the requirement that sport organisations have in place diverse boards as well as diversity and inclusion action plans.


However, little is known at this stage about neurodiversity and sport. We know that organisations, more widely, are looking to implement interventions in the workplace that will maximise the mutual benefits of employing and retaining the untapped talent of the neurodiverse community. Yet, at present, comparatively little is known about neurodiversity within the boardroom, nor about how boards discuss, debate and think about issues of neurodiversity in the workplace.


This roundtable event brings together academics committed to research that informs policy around neurodiversity in the workplace and practitioners that seek to think through the implementation of policy within sports organisations. The key issues to be discussed are:


· The case for a more considered approach to neuroinclusion in sport.

· Board level considerations – why boards should be addressing neuroinclusion: how to start conversations.

· Increasing neurodiverse representation on boards – benefits, challenges, practical adjustments that might help to create not just a more neuroinclusive environment, but also more inclusive/welcoming environments and culture more generally.


The roundtable event will involve:


· Professor Almuth McDowall (Birkbeck Centre for Neurodiversity at Work)

· Charles Freeman, Director, Neurodiverse Sport

· Craig Beeston, The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland/SGA


The panel will be chaired by Professor Geoff Walters, Director of the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre.

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