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What Will The New Government Do? Policies, Politics and Prospects

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Title: ‘What Will The New Government Do: Policies, Politics and Prospects’.

10th July 2024, 6pm


What will the new government, with a potentially large majority, do with its mandate? In the wake of a landmark election, this event draws on the expertise of a panel of Birkbeck academics to examine the policy and politics. What promises has the new government made, and will it carry them out?  What events, issues or problems will shape the new government’s agenda? What other decisions or policies might be forced upon it? The panel will focus on their own teaching and research specialisms to delve into what the new government could do, and perhaps, what they should do in the coming months and years.


Professor Deborah Mabbett: whose main interests are in technical and expert policy-making, including research into minimum wage commissions, central banks and the role of science in public policy.

Dr Laura Richards-Gray: whose research interests are gender and the welfare state with a focus on British politics.

Dr Ben Worthy: research interests include Government transparency, particularly Freedom of Information, as well as Political Leadership and British Politics.



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