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Access to Digital Skills and Careers Programme Second Event / Ethics in AI

Venue: Birkbeck Central

Welcome to our forth workshop from Birkbeck Career Accelerator - part of our Digital Skills and Careers Programme to help you kickstart your career with a bang! 💥

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In this session, we'll be joined by Tess Buckley. Tess is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethicist, strategist and musician. She completed a Master of Arts in AI and Philosophy from Northeastern University London, where I specialised in ableism in biotechnologies. Her primary research interests include AI literacy, music systems, the impact of AI on disability rights and the portrayal of AI in media. After working as a Senior AI ethics analyst with a dataset on corporate digital responsibility she moved to her current role as programme manager in digital ethics and AI safety at techUK. In particular, she seeks to use philosophical principles to make emerging technologies explainable, and ethical.

Tess will cover:
- AI's responsible application at the work
- Ethics involved in emerging technology
- Why is there a need for nontechnical individuals in the technology field
- Showcase the great variety of careers within the IT industry

We will take care of refreshments and snacks!

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