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Science Week - Back to the Moon: how and why we explore our closest planetary neighbour?

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

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Title: Back to the Moon: how and why we explore our closest planetary neighbour?

Speaker: Professor Katherine Joy

Professor Joy is based at the University of Manchester, UK, has worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Birkbeck, and is an internationally recognised expert in Lunar and Planetary Science. Amongst other prestigious appointments, she worked at NASA's Johnson Space Center, USA, funded by the NASA Lunar Science Institute, and led the first UK team to recover meteorite samples from Antarctica in collaboration with the British Antarctic Survey. She has appeared on the BBC Radio 4 series "The Life Scientific" and regularly participates in science and cultural exchange activities.

This event will include a Q&A session and continue into the evening with the opportunity to take a tour of the Natural Sciences laboratories & explore a posterboard exhibition presented by the School. Attendees will also be able to meet the speaker, as well as current faculty researchers and students to continue conversations.

The lecture will be live streamed so attendees who are unable to join the event in person may watch it. please note though, we are unable to stream the Q&A session. A link will be shared with ticket holders nearer the time.


The School of Natural Sciences presents the annual Rosalind Franklin Lecture, which celebrates the life and work of one of Birkbeck's most distinguished and inspirational scientists. We invite a leading woman scientist to present her work to the College community and to the wider public. 

Rosalind Franklin (1920-1958), biophysicist and X-ray crystallographer, is perhaps best known as the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. She ran her own research group at Birkbeck in the 1950s and her work contributed to a greater understanding of molecular structures in RNA, the tobacco mosaic virus, coal and graphite.

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