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Weaving Knowledge: Screening

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

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Weaving Knowledge’/ ‘Nunya Fe Tutudo’/ ‘Tisser Des Connaissances’/ ‘Wuka Mi'ilom/ Ràbb Xam-Xam   

60 minutes.  

Director: Anita Afonu.  

Weaving Knowledge is a film about making, material culture and childhood in West Africa. In four episodic narratives called 'weaving knowledge', 'transforming matter', 'making patterns', and 'constructing designs' the film poetically depicts the forms of knowledge embedded in children's everyday lives. It opens in a Senegalese village where women and girls are weaving baskets and ends with four boys, the children of fishermen, running joyfully into the sea carrying the toy boats they have made from discarded paint cans. Weaving Knowledge is about the ecology and embodiment of cognition, but it is also a homage to contemporary rural village life in West Africa.  



You can find more about the research that underpins the film here


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