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Sex Work, Activism and Collaborative Cinema: María Galindo and Revolución Puta (2023)

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

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Sex Work, Activism and Collaborative Cinema:

María Galindo and Revolución Puta (2023)

Film Screening + Q&A with María Galindo

(Discussant: Irene González-López)


Join us to watch and discuss REVOLUCIÓN PUTA, a documentary film directed by María Galindo, made in collaboration with Bolivian collectives of sex workers and produced by the anarcho-feminist collective Mujeres Creando. This uncompromising film is the result of two decades of collaborative art and activism in Bolivia. Listen to sex workers, on their own terms.

We are delighted to welcome María Galindo to discuss the film. Galindo is a psychologist, author, artist, radio personality, co-founder of Mujeres Creando, and arguably one of the most influential voices in intersectional feminism in the Spanish-speaking world and beyond.

REVOLUCIÓN PUTA is a filmic political manifesto in the first person.

It explores the whore universe with, for and from these women’s perspective, claiming a place of inalienable legitimacy that does not assume outstanding debts with anyone. Members of the sex workers’ organizations OMESPRO La Paz and OMESPRO Santa Cruz are direct protagonists and creators of four stories: "The whore's knowledge", "Whore and work", "Whore and the State" and "Testament".

Revolución Puta has not been produced for "film festivals" but for social imaginaries without giving up the construction of a visual poetic story. This is not the opportunity you were waiting for to watch the whore from a comfortable place. We have turned the camera towards you; you will become a whore, a police officer and a client depending on the situation.

With the amazing support of Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image (BIMI), Birkbeck Institute in Gender and Sexuality (BiGS), Birkbeck Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Media and Culture (BIRMAC), Centre for Iberian and Latin American Visual Studies (CILAVS).


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