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'WHY RADICAL POLITICS NEEDS PHILOSOPHY?': A masterclass with Slavoj Zizek

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

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Today, when we are facing new global threats to our very survival, the time has come to turn around Marx's Thesis XI: in the XXth century, we tried to change the world without really understanding it, so the result were political catastrophes - liberalism turned into Fascism, Communism into Stalinism. Now it is clear that, in order to avoid such catastrophes, we have to learn to interpret the world in a new way. Science alone cannot do it, a philosophical reflection is needed.       




1 - Interpretation as a political act

2 - Every philosophy is based upon a political choice 


Literature: Slavoj Zizek, FREEDOM. A DISEASE WITHOUT CURE, London: Bloomsbury 2023  

 The masterclass will take place at Birkbeck campus. It will consist of two in-person seminars with Professor Zizek. These teaching sessions will be chaired by the BIH Co-Director Prof Esther Leslie. 

Tickets can be purchased separately for each of the two sessions which will run from 14:00-16:00 (GMT) on both days. Each session costs £20 but there is also a combined ticket available to attend both days at £30. 

After popular demand, and as the in-person event is now sold out, we are looking into streaming options. We have released additional tickets for virtual streaming (£10 for each session or £15 for both days). The masterclass will be recorded and those who register for virtual streaming will be able to access it at anytime. Disclaimer: Please note that this masterclass is not designed as an online seminar and therefore virtual attendees will not be able to interact with Slavoj Zizek and Esther Leslie through the chat/mic functions.

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