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Study Skills: Drafting, editing & proofreading using apps & software

Venue: Online

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Once you have researched and planned your essay, how do you transform your plan into a first draft and beyond? Come to this workshop to:

· Learn what apps and software you can use to improve writing productivity

· Discover how you can use technology to help edit and proofread assignments

In this session, you can expect to learn about apps and software that will be helpful for your studies – from task management, time management, to cloud storage and distraction blockers.

Why are these important? To make it as simple as possible to pick up and put down your studies during scheduled and impromptu study sessions, maximising the efficiency of your study sessions.


Breaking Barriers Kit workshops focus on some tools that are freely available on most computers and mobile devices, as well as facilities available on-site and Birkbeck, and some suggestions for low-cost apps. There are also options for students who would find it helpful to invest in more advanced software. To learn more, watch our two-minute Breaking Barriers Kit explainer video.

This online workshop will take place on Microsoft Teams. This workshop is intended for enrolled Birkbeck students only, and you will require your student login details to access the workshop.

If you encounter any problems booking events through MyBirkbeck, please book via the Birkbeck Events webpage.

All our workshops are repeated numerous times throughout the academic year. The resources and a recording of this workshop will be available in the Breaking Barriers Kit page in the Birkbeck Study Skills Moodle module.

The central Study Skills Team offers a variety of study skills and writing skills workshops.

This is one of the Breaking Barriers Kit workshop series, which consists of:

· Apps & Software for Study & Organisation

· Academic Reading & Notemaking using Apps & Software

· Developing your Concentration & Focus for Study

· Writing & Delivering Effective Presentations

· Assignment Writing Strategies using Apps & Software

· Apps & Software for Drafting, Editing & Proofreading Assignments

· Exam Revision using Apps & Software

· Apps & Software for Dissertation Writing

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