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Engaging The Body To Refresh The Mind With Creativity.

Venue: Online

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Interactive guided well-being workshop based on the Feldenkrais Method, to explore how enlivening the body can enrich the imagination. 

This interactive well-being workshop from the comfort of your own home will be an opportunity to be guided through an awareness through movement activity, based on the Feldenkrais Method and to take that experience into image making and creative writing. Awareness through movement is often a relaxing activity that supports noticing sensations and ways of moving that in everyday life we habitually ignore. We will explore ways in which enlivening the body in this way can potentially enrich the imagination and embodied creative practice. Open to all fitness levels, no artistic ability required. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, have a mat or blanket to lie on and pens, crayons, and paper to hand.

Dr Linda Miller a GP and coach, researches the arts and creativity for the wellbeing of doctors. A champion for the Academy of Social Prescribing and the Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance/RCGP special interest group, she introduces doctors to creative practices for their own wellbeing and this encourages them to support arts social prescribing for their patients. Using the psychoanalytical theory of Donald Winnicott Linda explores the role of play and embodiment in her practice, an award-winning series of workshops. Collaborators include improvisers, cartoonists, curators, poets, magicians, and singers.

This workshop evolved from collaboration with Charlie Blowers, during the Covid lockdown. Charlie Blowers is the Founder and Artistic Director of Moving Pieces Collective a specialist arts and health theatre company based in London. Charlie has a background in physical theatre, arts psychotherapy, and somatic movement education, particularly the Feldenkrais Method. In her role as artistic director Charlie designs and delivers individual and group workshops for people experiencing mental health challenges; performers looking to devise theatre based on personal story and mental health professionals interested in integrating embodied and creative approaches into their practice. She also works as a freelance facilitator, trainer, and consultant to a range of organisations within the performing arts and mental health.

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